How to write a research paper introduction?

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An introduction to a research paper is first section which substantiates the importance of the stated topic for science, specialization, technology, describes an existing problem or task. The volume of the introduction does not exceed 2-5 pages of printed text. When writing a research paper, the author should not only briefly and concisely state the essence of the problem, but also interest the reader so much that he wants to continue his acquaintance with this scientific work. You have to know how to write a research paper introduction.

The logic of the text of the introduction

A small text of the introduction should be logically structured, consist of hotel, interconnected mini-parts, which would show the essence of the problem, convincing the reader of the importance of the written work.

Justification of the relevance of the topic for a particular area of ​​knowledge

Here it is necessary to indicate the reason for interest in the object of research at the moment, why certain investments are made in projects related to the study of the object, what benefits the study of the object promises.

Specifying the names of the authors involved in this problem

This causes additional interest in the work, as it will be seen that the problem is of interest to a certain part of the scientific community.

Focus attention

It is necessary to focus on the currently solved problems and provide examples of such problems, point out the vivid results obtained in this area. This item will convince the reader of the awareness of the author, immersing him in the problem.

Indication of modern research methods

List the methods used in the study:

  • general theoretical (analysis and synthesis, deduction and induction, classification, analogy),
  • practical (experiment, measurement, comparison, observation).

Description of the author’s approach to solving the above problems

In this main part, it is necessary to clearly formulate your intentions in solving the designated problem.

Knowing how to write an introduction to a research paper, an example of which is not so easy to adapt to its topic, is quite problematic. If you are experiencing certain difficulties in this matter, please contact our specialists. Professionally, competently, quickly, they will help to cope with any stated topic, to formulate a high-quality introduction and all parts of the work.