How to end a research paper?

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You should have an idea of ​​what kind the correct structure of a properly executed research paper has and how to end a research paper:

  1. The stated conclusion is obliged to include all the stated and solved goals indicated in the description of the work. Here you need to specify all the methods that were used to process information and search for the necessary answers.
  2. The entire final part is described briefly and dryly. It is also necessary to clarify all possible problems that may arise in the future on the topic of this work.
  3. Contribute from yourself. Your thoughts and ideas will perfectly fit into the ending of the work and will prove to the listener that you were really interested in writing quality work and thoroughly approached the preparatory part of the work.

An example of how to end a research paper:

  1. “Such a topic has many years of experience of all kinds of research, by many famous practitioners and theorists in this field. Then it made a big and invaluable contribution to the development of such an industry. This served as the necessary impetus for the ensuing consequences that we can today. ” Here we return a little to the historical aspect of the development of the topic. Such a maneuver is suitable for most of the topics proposed for consideration.
  2. “The first, second and subsequent sections told us …, they let us know that … they presented … they revealed …. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that … but we are not entirely sure, therefore we will need … “. Here are the conclusions that were obtained in the course of practical research methods.
  3. “The disclosure of the entire topic gives us such indicators and results that talk about …”. The result is picked up, and a verdict is made, which explains the reason for the solution of the posed priority question.

Do not forget that any work of this nature is not just the work of a computer, it was created by a person, therefore, your opinion, the opinion of the author will be regarded highly, especially if it has certain arguments that support its importance.

Conclusion to the research paper is the usual conclusion, which is a key and decisive moment in all the work envisaged earlier. You have to know how to end a research paper. This aspect of work seems to be the most difficult for any student. It contains absolutely all the judgments, goals and objectives that were put before the author throughout the work on the course.