How to end a research paper?

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You should have an idea of ​​what kind the correct structure of a properly executed research paper has and how to end a research paper:

  1. The stated conclusion is obliged to include all the stated and solved goals indicated in the description of the work. Here you need to specify all the methods that were used to process information and search for the necessary answers.
  2. The entire final part is described briefly and dryly. It is also necessary to clarify all possible problems that may arise in the future on the topic of this work.
  3. Contribute from yourself. Your thoughts and ideas will perfectly fit into the ending of the work and will prove to the listener that you were really interested in writing quality work and thoroughly approached the preparatory part of the work.

An example of how to end a research paper:

  1. “Such a topic has many years of experience of all kinds of research, by many famous practitioners and theorists in this field. Then it made a big and invaluable contribution to the development of such an industry. This served as the necessary impetus for the ensuing consequences that we can today. ” Here we return a little to the historical aspect of the development of the topic. Such a maneuver is suitable for most of the topics proposed for consideration.
  2. “The first, second and subsequent sections told us …, they let us know that … they presented … they revealed …. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that … but we are not entirely sure, therefore we will need … “. Here are the conclusions that were obtained in the course of practical research methods.
  3. “The disclosure of the entire topic gives us such indicators and results that talk about …”. The result is picked up, and a verdict is made, which explains the reason for the solution of the posed priority question.

Do not forget that any work of this nature is not just the work of a computer, it was created by a person, therefore, your opinion, the opinion of the author will be regarded highly, especially if it has certain arguments that support its importance.

Conclusion to the research paper is the usual conclusion, which is a key and decisive moment in all the work envisaged earlier. You have to know how to end a research paper. This aspect of work seems to be the most difficult for any student. It contains absolutely all the judgments, goals and objectives that were put before the author throughout the work on the course. 

How to write a research paper?

For a student, writing and designing a research paper is an important, serious and responsible matter. That is why there are a number of rules and criteria on how to write a research paper.

Key rules on how to write a research paper

First of all, a student is recommended to pay attention to the design of the work. A research paper is accepted only if it is made on the computer, and not written by hand. The text should be placed on one side of the sheet. All pages in the document should be 210 by 297, which corresponds to A4 sheets of paper. 12 or 14 letter size (size), Times New Roman font with spacing 2 or 1.5 is used. This is important because the number of pages of printed text depends on the style and size.

As a rule, one exchange rate page contains about 1,800 characters with spaces. That is, it contains about 30 lines of approximately 60 characters each.

Separate attention deserves the design fields. The paper requires adhering to the following parameters:

  • 10 mm – right margin;
  • 30 mm – left;
  • 20 mm – lower;
  • at least 15 mm – top.

It is impossible not to talk about the density of the typed text. It should be uniform. Also it is necessary to take into account the clarity of the pictures, good contrast, the appearance of all signs. The whole text of the course work should be uniformly black, bright and clear.

Semantic component on how to write a research paper

Since a research paper requires a research approach from a university student, no description is acceptable. The topic should be formulated as a study and presented the disclosure of a particular problem. It is determined by the department, and the future specialist is invited to independently choose a discipline and a specific topic. However, it is imperative to adhere to the curriculum and coordination with the leader.

It is impossible not to make a reservation about how to arrange the theme correctly. It must be:

  • filed with an emphasis on relevance;
  • spelled out without the word “theme”;
  • specified without quotes;
  • formulated briefly, concisely and clearly.

Work must be arranged as follows:

  • title page;
  • content;
  • introduction;
  • the main part of the work;
  • final block;
  • used literature (highlighted by the list);
  • attached supporting materials and applications.

The entire amount of the research paper should vary within 20-40 pages typed by a machine. In this case, it is not necessary to touch on global issues. It is recommended to stop on a small problem.

How to write a research paper conclusion?

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After writing the main part of the research paper, the student must correctly draw a conclusion. The content of the conclusion largely depends on the assessment of the teacher. At this stage, drawing conclusions and summarizing the work done with a detailed description of the result. Therefore, the writing of the conclusion should be approached more carefully and responsibly.

You should pay attention to a few details in order to know how to write a research paper conclusion:

• This part implies a logical continuation of everything that was written earlier. Since at the very beginning certain tasks are set, it is necessary to say whether it was possible to achieve them or not.

• When writing a conclusion, it is worth remembering that it should not contain a list of conclusions drawn after each chapter, but should summarize all the results obtained.

• During the debriefing, it is necessary to compare the source data with what was obtained as a result of the study. This will help to make informed conclusions.

• Before you write a conclusion in research paper, you need to determine the practical significance of the work. It should be said about the prospects for the study of the presented problem.

• It becomes a prerequisite to indicate your point of view on the problem.

• The volume of this part of the work should be no more than two sheets. With more text, the student risks starting “pouring water”.

Making logical conclusions is quite a challenge, so more and more students turn to professionals who deal with this all the time. You have to know how to write a research paper conclusion.

It is worth starting the final part with well-known revolutions, which simplify the process of presenting the thought and direct it in the right direction (so, in this way, etc.). It should describe in detail all the tasks that the student was able to solve. Failures also need to pay attention, because it is on the basis of the problems identified that practical recommendations can be made to continue research in this area or eliminate certain shortcomings.

Particular attention is paid to the practical significance of all the work done, because any research should be aimed at solving a specific problem. At the very end, it is worthwhile to touch on the future, that is, to determine the prospects for further research in a particular area, and also to tell about the plans that the student who wrote the course work has outlined.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper?

Each student, sooner or later, has to deal with the writing of such important work as a research paper. All previously written essays and reports simply do not compare with such complex and structured materials. However, it is this kind of work that is able to show how well and correctly the student could master the material studied.

In order for the prepared data to have the opportunity to respond not only to the discipline, but to absolutely all the conditions of the teacher, such significant shares should be especially careful, as well as implementation and completion.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper and why it is important?

To imagine an exemplary model of the coursework, you will need to begin to understand what exactly this part of the text represents.

Conclusion implies a sound and abbreviated annotation of the whole activity carried out in the course of composing the used material of the direction. The similar share is registered instantly after the main word. Properly made conclusion will provide an opportunity to acquaint the manager with the main stages and achievements of absolutely all the studies made.

This part of the course material should contain the following data:

  • goals achieved
  • solved problems
  • results of practical work,
  • the essence of the problem
  • prospects,
  • own opinion and view on the specific topics described.

Important nuances to consider knowing about how to write a conclusion for a research paper

For those who are trying to find the perfect model for concluding a research paper, the recommendations given will make it possible with little effort to compile it yourself:

  • To make your work easier, you can make a small logical conclusion after each written chapter. At the end of the paper you can simply summarize these conclusions, to make a single whole result.
  • A particularly important nuance in the process of drawing up a conclusion is your own opinion, which will display the solution and advantages found by your own efforts.
  • As for dimensions, a correctly composed final part should take 2-3 pages.
  • There should not be paragraphs and chapters in the conclusion. The text of the final part should be continuous, and separate paragraphs will separate thoughts.

If all the listed rules are taken into account, then the student will not have problems with writing the correct final part.

How to write a research paper introduction?

An introduction to a research paper is first section which substantiates the importance of the stated topic for science, specialization, technology, describes an existing problem or task. The volume of the introduction does not exceed 2-5 pages of printed text. When writing a research paper, the author should not only briefly and concisely state the essence of the problem, but also interest the reader so much that he wants to continue his acquaintance with this scientific work. You have to know how to write a research paper introduction.

The logic of the text of the introduction

A small text of the introduction should be logically structured, consist of hotel, interconnected mini-parts, which would show the essence of the problem, convincing the reader of the importance of the written work.

Justification of the relevance of the topic for a particular area of ​​knowledge

Here it is necessary to indicate the reason for interest in the object of research at the moment, why certain investments are made in projects related to the study of the object, what benefits the study of the object promises.

Specifying the names of the authors involved in this problem

This causes additional interest in the work, as it will be seen that the problem is of interest to a certain part of the scientific community.

Focus attention

It is necessary to focus on the currently solved problems and provide examples of such problems, point out the vivid results obtained in this area. This item will convince the reader of the awareness of the author, immersing him in the problem.

Indication of modern research methods

List the methods used in the study:

  • general theoretical (analysis and synthesis, deduction and induction, classification, analogy),
  • practical (experiment, measurement, comparison, observation).

Description of the author’s approach to solving the above problems

In this main part, it is necessary to clearly formulate your intentions in solving the designated problem.

Knowing how to write an introduction to a research paper, an example of which is not so easy to adapt to its topic, is quite problematic. If you are experiencing certain difficulties in this matter, please contact our specialists. Professionally, competently, quickly, they will help to cope with any stated topic, to formulate a high-quality introduction and all parts of the work.